Korematsu Gardens
Korematsu Gardens

Korematsu Cookbook

We want your recipes!
Share your favorite mouthwatering family dishes, scrumptious desserts, buttery rolls, tasty salads and crispy veggie recipes. This is a cookbook of our community, celebrating our uniqueness and the stories around food and the community it builds.

All recipes welcome!
We want this cookbook to be as diverse as our community is. Any recipe is appreciated and welcome! Please submit as many as you like, but If you submit more than 50 recipes, we may have to have a sit down with you.

But I Don’t Cook?!
Even if you don’t cook, there is probably an amazing meal you had at a family or friends house growing up.  Get that recipe and story to go along with it that you’d like to share.

How Do I Enter My Amazing Recipe?
Go to www.typensave.com/get-started/

and enter your secret code from the flyer that went home in your child's backpack. Didn't get a flyer? No problem! Go to the contact page and email us.


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