How Many Plants at Korematsu?

Mrs' Tricoli's class was curious about how many plants there were here at school. It just so happens that the pots from almost every plant that was ever planted at Korematsu are still around! Using math skills they have been learning, the class estimated, sorted by style and grouped them in units of ten and then counted them all. The total...961 and counting!


Korematsu's Flower Power Plant Sale

Instead of a site sale this year, we are trying something different to raise funds for Korematsu Elementary’s Garden Program. Besides helping to support the existing gardens, it will also help support new gardens being worked on this year for the playground, rice project, and C wing. Anyone can order and these are delivered directly to you. Thank You for Your Support!

Two Ways to Order:

1. Catalog - These went home in backpacks. If you need an extra copy, stop by the school office. Due: April 11th.

2. Online -  From now until April 26th, anyone can securely pay online and get their order delivered sooner by using this link (so that we get the order credit): Korematsu Plant Sale


Korematsu Garden Bricks - A Rock Solid Deal!

Korematsu Garden Bricks
If you have been thinking about getting a school brick for the garden path, now is the time! Until December 20th, you can purchase an engraved school brick that helps support the school garden. The special price of $49 is good until the 20th. You can check out the bricks already installed in the garden (between D & E Wings), stop by the office to see a sample brick or get an extra copy of the form.
Check out the path

Critter Apartments

What are those posts out by the playground garden for? These will be apartment complexes for mason and carpenter bees. The great thing about these types bees are that they are better polinators than honey bees, are solitary in nature and do not have any honey or a hive to protect - so they are not agressive and rarely if ever use their stinger. They will use the tubes of the attached house to lay their eggs and food for their young and the students will be able to observe their life cycle.


iCare Community Project

The Low Down: This project came to us at the last minute and with a considerable donation of time and money from the folks at iCare. They completely weeded the playground area, built planter boxes for the sunflowers and started a retaining wall for a future garden. About 35 volunteers showed up for almost 6 hours to donate their time. And iCare donated materials worth over $2,000.

Here are some pictures of the day.
And here are the big trucks